7 Fourth of July Recipes: Barbecue

Some barbeque recipes for your 4th of July celebrations including Fourth of July bbq'd Cornish Hens, Barbecued Lamb, Grilled Tomatoes and Green Onions, Grilled BBQ Hamburger Supreme, Sweet-Sour Barbecued Ribs, Barbecued Veggie Kabobs, and Barbequed Salmon, also links to dinner recipes and picnic recipes.


Fourth of July BBQ'd Cornish Hens

      3 cl Garlic, minced
      1 tb Seasoned salt
    1/2 c  Oil
      1 c  Fresh lemon juice
     12 ts Italian Salad dressing
    1/2 c  Chopped onions
      1    Pepper
      1 ts Crushed thyme
      4    Rock Cornich Hens, giblets removed
Blend garlic, seasoned salt, oil, lemon juice, dressing, onions, pepper, and thyme. Marinate the birds overnight in the refrigerator.

Cut the birds lengthwise.

Cook on outside grill, bone side down 10 minutes, flesh side down 5 minutes, alternating 10 minutes and 5 minutes in this manner for about an hour and basting with marinade frequently (at least every 5 minutes) while barbequing.

Serves 8.

If it's raining and you can't get outside to barbecue, just use the oven method:
Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Place skin side up in a shallow pan, baste with marinade, cover with foil and roast for 30 minutes.

Remove foil and brush with marinade again. Roast again uncovered for 20-30 minutes (brush with marinade again after about 10 minutes).

Test for doneness: drumsticks should be soft and juices should not be tinged with pink when you pierce the thickest part of the thigh with a fork.


Barbecued Lamb

      8 lb Lamb leg; boned and butterflied
  1 1/4 c  Olive oil
    1/4 c  Worchestershire Sauce
      2    Garlic clove; diced
    3/4 c  Soy sauce; light
      2 tb Dry mustard
    1/4 c  Red wine vinegar
  1 1/2 tb Parsley, chopped
    1/3 c  Lemon juice
Mix together the olive oil, worchestershire sauce, garlic, soy sauce, mustard, red wine vinegar, parsley, and lemon juice.

Marinate lamb roast overnight, basting occasionally.

Cook over hot grill, basting as needed.


Grilled Tomatoes and Green Onions

    1/3 c  Olive oil
      1 tb Fresh lemon juice or wine
      2 tb Fresh basil; chopped
      1 tb Shallots; chopped
    1/2 ts Salt
    1/4 ts Freshly ground pepper
      3 lg firm Tomatoes; cut into slices
           -1/2-3/4 inch thick
     10    To 12 green onions; trimmed
           Including 4" of green tops
           Sprigs of fresh basil or
Position an oiled grill rack 4-6 inches above the barbecue coals.

In a small bowl stir together the oil, lemon juice or vinegar, chopped basil, shallots, salt and pepper.

Arrange the tomatoes and onions on the rack. Grill, turning them two or three times and brushing with the mixture, about 5 minutes.

Transfer the tomatoes and onions to a platter and garnish with basil and/or parsley sprigs.


Grilled BBQ Hamburger Supreme

      1 cn Mushrooms
      4 tb Butter
      1 lb Ground Round
    1/2 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Pepper
    1/2 ts Garlic powder
    1/2 ts Onion Powder
      1 tb Worcestershire Sauce
      4 tb Italian Bread Crumbs
Saute mushrooms in butter.

Add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder to the ground beef and mix thoroughly.

Fashion into thin patties about 5 inches in diameter.

Grill until desired doneness on the barbeque.

Garnish with mushrooms, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and lettuce.

Serve on a hamburger bun or kaiser roll.

Hamburgers have to be one of the most popular things to barbeque (other than hotdogs, of course).


4th of july barbecue recipes


Barbeque Tip: Use long-handled tongs for turning steaks or roasts; spatulas for turning burgers. Don't use a fork, which pierces the beef, allowing flavorful juices to escape. Let's face it, when enjoying those lucious barbecued meats, you want every ounce of flavor :)


independance day barbecue recipes


Sweet-Sour Barbecued Ribs

  1 1/4 c  Ketchup
    3/4 c  Water
    1/4 c  Honey
      2 tb Worcestershire Sauce
      4 ts Lemon Juice
      1 sm Onion, chopped
    1/2 ts Salt
    1/2 ts Pepper
      6 lb Back Ribs

Mix together the ketchup, water, honey, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice onion, salt, and pepper. Cook for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Prepare a charcoal grill, and cook ribs over medium-hot coals, turning occasionally. Brush ribs with sauce after each turn. Cook ribs until desired doneness. Remove from barbecue and enjoy.


Barbecued Veggie Kabobs

      2    Green peppers -- cut in 1" Pieces
      4 sm Yellow squash -- sliced thick
      2    Dozen mushrooms, large
      2 md Onions -- cut into wedges
      1 pt Cherry tomatoes
-------- Marinade-------------
      1 ts Salt
      1 tb Italian herb mix*
      4    Cloves garlic -- crushed
    2/3 c  Water
    2/3 c  Balsamic vinegar
     16    Skewers
*Oregano, sage marjoram, thyme, savory, basil, rosemary, etc. (its' your choice)
Place the green peppers, squash, mushrooms, onions, and cherry tomatoes in a large bowl.

Mix together the salt, Italian herb mix, garlic, water, and balsamic vinegar. Add mixture to the vegetables.

Marinate for 2 hours at room temperature.

Arrange vegetables on skewers and grill for 7 to 10 minutes, turning frequently.


barbecue recipes for the 4th of july


Barbeque Tip: To test the temperature of coals on your barbeque: Hold your palm over grill at cooking height. If the heat forces you to pull away in 3 seconds, coals are hot; if it takes 4 seconds, coals are medium and, if it takes 5 seconds, then the coals are low. To lower the temperature, raise the grid or spread out the coals; if barbeque is covered, close vents halfway. To raise the temperature, lower grid or push the coals together and add more chunks to outer edge of hot coals; if barbeque is covered, open vents fully.


fourth of july recipes for barbecuing


Barbequed Salmon

      3 tb Melted butter
      1 tb Lemon juice
      1 tb White wine vinegar
    1/4 ts Grated lemon peel
    1/4 ts Garlic salt
    1/4 ts Salt
      4    4-6 oz. salmon steaks
Combine the butter, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, lemon peel, garlic salt, and salt; stir thoroughly.

Generously brush both sides of the salmon steaks with mixture.

Barbeque on a well oiled grill over hot coals. Make a tent of foil or use barbeque cover and place over salmon.

Barbeque 6-8 minutes per side depending on the thickness of your steaks. Baste frequently. Turn once, brushing with sauce. Steaks should flake easily when tested with a fork. Serves 4.


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