Christmas Recipes

Includes an assortment of Christmas recipes such as Christmas Ornament Cookies, Christmas Plum Pudding and Hard Sauce, Christmas Surprises, Best Christmas Shortbread, No-Bake Christmas Fruitcake, Gourmet Cranberry Sauce, Christmas Eggnog, Christmas Stollen recipes, Turkey Stuffing Supreme, Grandma's Tasty Beet Salad, and lots more.


Christmas Recipes 1 (includes 20 assorted christmas recipes)


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Christmas Recipes 2 (includes 17 assorted christmas recipes)


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Christmas Recipes 3 (includes 18 assorted christmas recipes)


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Christmas Stollen Recipes (includes 10 assorted stollen recipes)


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More Christmas Recipes:


Turkey Stuffing Supreme

This tasty turkey stuffing has won us praises from family and friends. I personally have never found any other turkey stuffing to entice my taste buds like this one. Sorry Mom  :-)


Grandma's Tasty Beet Salad

Our November-99 Recipe of the Month is Grandma's Tasty Beet Salad. This recipe is made from scratch, using fresh raw beets.


Album of Meal-Master Recipes

Check out our collection of recipes for pies, cookies, breakfasts, pecans, pralines, rice, apples, blueberries, cherries, bananas, christmas turkey recipes, and lots more.


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