Easter Gifts

Some ideas for easter gifts.


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easter gifts


Ideas for Easter Baskets

Fill decorated baskets with assorted products. Some ideas are:


Easter Basket:

Include an assortment of small stuffed easter bunnies, chocolate easter bunnies, colorful easter eggs, easter candies, jelly beans, etc.


For Book Lovers:

Gift certificate to their favorite bookstore or a few books you think they'd enjoy, a package of fancy bookmarks, mug filled with individual servings of flavored coffees, cocoa, tea, etc.


Your Very Own Homemade Stuff (very personal gift)

Fill basket with you're homemade creations, e.g,, cookies, muffins, candies, jams, jellies, peanut brittle, etc.


For Chocolate Lovers:

Fill basket with assorted miniature chocolate bars, hershey's kisses, chocolate bunnies, M&Ms, chocolate-covered potato chips, etc.


A Stationery Basket

Fill basket with writing paper, greeting cards, stamps, envelopes, pens, calendar (mark in special occasions), address book (with their friends and family members' addresses already filled in for them), etc.


Fun Basket

Small jig saw puzzle, book of crosswords, deck of cards, joke book, etc.


For Candy Lovers:

Fill basket with assorted easter candies, chocolate bunnies, hershey's kisses, jelly beans, licorice allsorts, etc.


For Movie Buffs:

Give gift certificate to rent a video or two, packages of microwave popcorn, a few candy bars, licorice twizzlers, milk duds, cans of pop, etc.

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For Cookie Lovers:

Fill basket with assorted home baked cookies or if your're pressed for time, buy assorted storebought cookies instead.


Bath Products:

Assorted fancy soaps, bath beads and oils, moisturizers, bubble bath, face cloth, small loofa sponge, etc.


easter gifts


For a Child's Bathtime

Bubble bath, rubber ducky, toy boat, face cloth and towel with child's favorite cartoon character, soap crayons, other fun stuff for the child to enjoy in the bathtu


Your Own Creations

Use your imagination to dream up a basket filled with the types of stuff you think the person would enjoy, use your imagination and have fun.


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