Mother's Day Crafts

Fun and easy homemade crafts and projects, ideas for special recipes, mom-redeemable coupons, and lots more ideas for making Mother's Day a very special day for your mom


Heart Brooch

Mix together the flour, water, salt, cream of tartar, oil, and food coloring.

Stir over medium heat until smooth. Remove from pan and knead until blended smooth.

Place in plastic bag or airtight container when cooled. Will last for a long time.

To make brooch(es), shape into hearts. Before totally dry, press pins into backs of hearts (buy the pins at a craft store). When the hearts are totally dry, paint them with your favorite colors.


mother's day crafts


Homemade Gift Wrap for Mother's Day Crafts

Mix 1/2 cups flour and 1/2 cups cold water in a small bowl. Add 1 1/2 cups boiling water and heat on low until mixture starts to boil, stirring constantly. Cool completely.

Divide into portions and add different colors of food coloring.

Create designs on paper using fingers, fists, or whole hands . Use your special paper to wrap up gifts for mom on Mother's Day.


mother's day crafts


Mother's Day Gift Baskets

Make mom a decorated basket and fill it with stuff that he'd like. Some ideas are:
different types of tiny soups and different bath products; an assortment of different types of candies and chocolates. Use your imagination and try to think of stuff that your mom would enjoy and use them to fill up the basket.


mother's day crafts


Mother's Day Placemats

Decorate a heavy piece of 8 1/2" x 11" cardboard with pictures, drawings, poems, etc. Place your masterpiece between 2 sheets of clear contact paper. Use the placemat to serve mom her Mother's Day breakfast in bed.


mother's day crafts


Home-Made Coupons from the Heart

Give Mother's Day coupons that mom can cash in whenever she wishes. Either buy a small notebook and write the coupons in there, or cut out little cardboard hearts and write the messages on them (you can keep all the cardboard hearts together by putting them into a small box. You can then decorate the box with pictures, stickers, etc.). Some ideas for the coupons are:
"Wash and Dry the Dishes"
"Set the Table"
"Hugs and Kisses"
"Rake the Leaves"
"Clean my Room"
"Do the laundry"
"One Hour of Quiet Time" for mom to enjoy a relaxing bubblebath"
"One whole family-free afternoon"
"One Free Car Wash"
You get the idea, use your imagination!


mother's day crafts


Kids... Show Her You Care

Draw a picture on construction paper. Underneath the picture write a poem for mom to let her know how much you care. Another idea is to write mom a letter. Start with the words "I Love You Because"then write in the reasons why you love your mom.

Create your own Mother's Day card by looking in old newspapers and magazines and cutting out words and phrases that can be combined to make a special message to mom. Paste the message on a big heart cut from red construction paper.

Surprise your mom on Mother's Day by tidying up your room, doing your homework, walking the dog, cleaning the bird cage, fish tank, etc.


mother's day crafts


Mother's Day Ideas for Breakfast in Bed:

Cut waffles into heart shapes using cookie cutters. Decorate with fresh strawberries, sliced from top to bottom so they resemble small hearts. Top the waffles off with whipping cream and add a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

Make pancakes by placing a large heart-shaped cookie cutter on the griddle and pouring in the pancake batter. When pancakes are ready to flip, remove the cookie cutter. If you feel really creative, drizzle the pancake batter onto the griddle so it forms an "I" and a "U". When you serve this to mom, place it on the plate so it reads: "I (Heart) U"

Make mom a few fried eggs by placing them inside a large cookie cutter, when the eggs harden remove the cookie cutters. Don't forget to cut heart shapes out of the toast to go along with the eggs.

Serve mom your special meal on a tray, place a single flower in a vase along with coffee, tea, milk (whichever she prefers) and place your Mother's Day card along the side of the tray along with a cloth napkin. Ask mom if she'd like to read the paper, watch TV, read a book, etc while she's eating.


mother's day crafts


Recipe Ideas for Desserts for Mother's Day

Prepare a favorite recipe for cookies and cut out shapes using different cookie cutters: Hearts, "X"s and "O"s, etc. Top cookies with red or white icing, red hots, candy hearts, Hershey kisses, etc.

Make a heart-shaped cake for Mother's Day by baking a two-layer cake using your favorite cake recipe (one layer goes in an 8" round pan, and one goes in a 8" square pan). When cake has completely cooled, cut the round cake in half. Place the square cake in a diamond shape and place each semi-circle against the top sides of the triangle to resemble a heart. Cover the entire cake with red, white, or pink frosting. Put on the finishing touches by either using candy hearts, Hershey kisses, cake decorations, or writing messages such as "I love you mom", a cute saying or a short poem honoring mom. (the cake will be oversized, so make a platter by covering a large piece of cardboard with tinfoil)


mother's day crafts


Ideas for Dinner Recipes for Mother's Day:

If you decide to make mom a special dinner for Mother's Day, use cloth napkins complete with napkin rings. Buy a flower arrangement for the centerpiece. Place a few unscented candles on the table to make the occasion even more special for mom.
For lots of ideas for different recipes, click here


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