Mother's Day Gifts

Lots of suggestions for making Mother's Day special including flowers, unique gifts, collectibles, jewelry, footwear, and lots more ideas for gifts for mom.


Cut out a bunch of red hearts from heavy red construction paper; these are the flowers.

Using heavy green construction paper, cut out two smaller hearts for each red heart; these are the leaves.

Glue the flower to the top of popsicle sticks and glue the leaves about halfway down, on each side.

Place the flowers in a small vase. These are nice to put on mom's breakfast-in-bed tray.


mother's day gifts


Mother's Day Balloon Surprises

Cut out a bunch of small hearts from red construction paper and write on them things you think mom would like. Roll them up tight and insert them into balloons and blow them up.

Place them around the house. Mom has to pop the balloons to collect her treat. You might even insert Hershey's Kisses, Tootise Rolls, etc. into the balloons, either alone or with the hearts.
Some ideas are:
"Clean up my room"
"Do the dishes"
"Wash the car"
"Walk the dog"
"Sweep the floor"
"One hour of quiet time"
Use your imagination, I'm sure there's lots of stuff your mom would appreciate for mother's day


mother's day gifts


unique gift ideas
Looking for Something Unusual for Mom?
Check out these unique and practical gift ideas, collectibles, & jewelry


mother's day gifts


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mother's day gifts


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