Valentine's Day Crafts

Easy homemade crafts and projects for valentines day including Valentine's Day Jiggler Hearts, Valentine's Day Gift Wrap, Sparkling Sugar Valentine's Day Heart, Valentine's Day Cards, Valentine's Day Graham Cracker Houses, Valentines Day Ribbon Chain, Valentine's Day Red Hot Punch, Valentine's Day Heart Mobile and links to more ideas for Valentines Day Crafts.


Valentine's Day Jiggler Hearts

Take 1/2 cup of thawed frozen strawberries (with the juice) and mix in a blender.

Stir 4 envelopes unflavored gelatin into 2 cups cold water and heat slowly over medium-low heat until the gelatin is totally dissolved.

Stir together the strawberries and the gelatin mixture and add a 6-ounce can frozen apple juice concentrate.

Spray a 9x12 inch pan with Pam cooking spray.

Pour the mixture into the pan and chill until firm.

To unmold, turn the pan upside down over a countertop.

Using heart-shaped cookie-cutters, cut hearts out of the gelatin.


easy valentines day crafts and projects


Homemade Valentine's Day Gift Wrap

Dip a heart shaped cookie cutter into a shallow dish containing red paint.

Make heart designs on a sheet of white or light pink paper.

Use to wrap up your Valentines Day gifts..


valentines day recipes

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valentines day recipes


Sparkling Sugar Valentine's Day Heart

Draw a large heart on white construction paper and paint the heart with red paint.

Before the paint is totally dry, sprinkle some sugar and glitter over the paint.



homemade valentines day crafts and projects


Valentine's Day Cards

Using red, white, or pink construction paper, either cut out greeting card-sized shapes (and fold them over so they resemble a real card), or cut out big hearts to use for your cards (they can also cut out smaller, different colored hearts and paste them on the big heart (the smaller hearts can have little messages like: "Be Mine", "Be My Valentine", I "(draw a picture of a heart)" You!, etc).

Let the kids add whatever they'd like to their cards (stickers, glitter, etc.). They can draw pictures with crayons or felt markers.

Add a verse inside the card or on the heart.



easy homemade valentines day crafts and projects


Valentine's Day Graham Cracker Houses

For each house you'll use 5 graham crackers; leave 4 whole and break the 5th one in half.

Use a paper plate as the base to hold each house.

Using frosting, glue 2 whole pieces and 2 half pieces together in the shape of a triangle.

Use the 2 remaining whole crackers glue them on top of the rectange to form the roof. Use frosting to add doors and windows (use your imagination, have fun with this)

Decorate your house with Hershey's Kisses, red hots, valentine's day conversation candies, M&Ms, gum drops, raisins, pretzels, licorice, etc. (just use the frosting to glue the goodies onto your house)

Use leftover frosting to make a snow-covered roof.

To make the Frosting:
Mix together 1/2 pound icing sugar, 3 tablespoons butter, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, and between 1 and 2 tablespoons of milk (until frosting looks like the right consistency; not too runny).

If using a pastry bag, be sure to use one with a small tip otherwise you can always use a ziplock bag (just cut a small hole in one corner and squeeze out the frosting).



easy valentine's day crafts and projects


Valentines Day Ribbon Chain


Done the same way as a regular paper chain except you'd use thin ribbon instead of strips of paper.

Cut equal lengths of red ribbon. Staple the first piece together and then loop the next piece through and staple, etc. etc.

Hang the chain in doorway, on windows, against the fireplace, etc. (any place you might hang Christmas garland).

Alternate different colored ribbon or use all the same color, it's up to you.

Another alternative would be to keep the ribbon in one piece and hang it around the house like you would garland. Kinda so it looks like this:   UUUU (only more strung-out looking).  On the bottom of each loop, staple little hearts. You could also use thicker ribbon for this and glue all kinds of stuff on the ribbon, eg., Valentine's Day conversaton hearts, red hots, M&M's, etc. (use your imagination).


fun and easy valentine's day crafts and projects


Valentine's Day Red Hot Punch

Make up a batch of red colored koolaid or fruit juice (cherry, strawberry, etc). Make up a tray of ice cubes and place a red hot candy in each ice cube and freeze. Serve the punch with the red hot surprise


fun and easy valentine's day crafts and projects


Valentine's Day Heart Mobile

Cut out a variety of different sized hearts out red, pink, and white constructoin paper. Use a single-hole paper punch, punch a hole in the heart and string thin red or pink ribbon through the hole. Hang the hearts from a clothes hanger.

The hearts can have pictures drawn on them; poems written on them.

The hearts could also be covered with glitter. Just use a thin layer of glue on the heart and sprinkle different colors of glitter on them.

Cut out small pictures of your sweetie (or your little sweeties), and paste them onto the hearts.

Tie on a big red bow and hang it from a prominent place.

The clothes hanger could be decorated before being used as the base for the mobile by either spray painting it red or wrapping it with crepe paper.


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