Valentines Day Games

Ideas for fun games for the kids to play on valentines day including online games to play, contests and lotteries for the adults to play and links to more Valentine's Day games and activities.


Musical Valentine Hearts

This game is played the same way as musical chairs except instead of chairs you'd cut out huge red hearts out of heavy construction paper and place them in a circle, one heart for each child. Have each child draw pictures and write poems on their heart; also have each child write their name on their heart.

Have each child place their heart on the ground with the pointy end pointing out. Have each child stand right in front of the pointy end (make sure the hearts form a circle).

When the music starts to play, the kids start walking around the circle of hearts. When the music stops they must stand right in front of the nearest heart at the pointy end (if they step on the heart or push or shove other kids, they're disqualified).

Take away one heart each time the music stops.

The last child in the game wins a prize, the child whose name was written on the very last heart also wins a prize for 2nd place (for having a lucky heart).


valentine's day games


Valentine's Day Charades

Play charades with a Valentine's Day twist by using romantic movies as the theme. Some suggestions are:

A Walk in the Clouds
About Last Night
City of Angels
There's Something About Mary
Pretty Woman
Gone with the Wind
Singin' in the Rain
The Princess Bride
The Sound of Music

For those not familiar with the game of charades, one player is chosen to start the game. They stand up and act out the word or phase in front of the other players, who try to guess from their actions what they're trying to say. The person doing the enacting cannot speak.


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Valentine's Day Candy Hunt

The same idea as an easter egg hunt except instead of eggs you'd hide little bags of candies (red hots, valentines candies, Hershey's Hugs, Hershey's Kisses, jelly beans, etc).

Have different prizes for the different kinds of candy a child finds. This way everyone wins a prize (no hard feelings)

You could hide just one thing and the child that finds it wins the grand prize, e.g.., hide justs one BIG Hershey's Kiss.


valentine's day games


Give each child a big sheet of blank paper and a red crayon.

At the signal, the kids have one minute to draw heart shapes on the piece of paper.

When the time is up, the one with the most hearts drawn is the winner. You can also offer smaller prizes for the most uniform-sized hearts, the most variety of sizes, the neatest drawings, the least amount of hearts, the most unusual shapes, etc. (that way there are no hard feelings as every child wins a prize of some kind).


valentine's day games


Valentine's Day Word Games

Give each child a pencil and a piece of paper with the words "valentines day" written at the top.

The idea of the game is they must write down as many words as they can think of that can be made using the letters contained in the words "valentines day" but they only have a certain amount of time to do this (2 minutes, 5 minutes, depending on the age of the kids).

The person who can think of the most words wins a prize. You could also offer prizes for funniest words, strangest words, best words, least amout of words, etc.

Another variation of this game would be to first write out the words "Valentine's Day" in big letters on red construction paper and then cut out the individual letters (you could also write the letters on heart-shaped pieces of paper).

Put all the letters in a small box or a paper bag and have one the kids pick a letter.

Everyone has a minute to write down every person's name that they can think of that starts with that letter. If the letter "V" was picked, they'd have to think of as many names as possible that start with "V" e.g., "Vicky", "Valerie", "Vance". After each letter is finished, points can be awarded for each name a person comes up with. The more original the name, the more the points.


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