Minestroni Soup

Our Nov-98 Recipe of the Month is Minestroni Soup. This hearty minestroni soup looks more like a thick stew than a soup.


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      Title: Garvick's Hearty Minestroni Soup
 Categories: Soups, Beans, Minestroni Soup
      Yield: 20 servings

    10 c  Water
    16 oz Can Kidney Beans
     1 ea Medium Onion, finely chopped
     1 ea Head Garlic, minced
     1 c  Celery, chopped
     3 ea Medium Carrot, chopped
     3 ea Medium Potatoes, finely chopped
     3 c  Frozen Vegetables
    16 oz Can Tomato Sauce
     1 T  Beef Buillon
   1/2 T  Chicken Buillon
   1/4 t  Italian Seasonings
     3 t  Parsley Flakes
     1 pn Black Pepper
     1 T  Grated Parmesan (add right before serving)
     2 c  Pasta, (small shells are best)

Pour water into a 6-quart pot and turn heat to high.

Add frozen vegetables, tomato sauce, chicken and beef bullion,
kidney beans, carrots, potatoes, celery and onion and bring to
a boil.

Turn down to simmer and then add garlic, Italian seasonings,
parsley flakes and pepper. Simmer soup for about 4 hours,
stirring every 15 to 20 minutes (this is the trick to the
mouthwatering flavor of this soup).

Add the pasta to the soup 25 minutes before serving. Add more
boiling water if the soup is getting too thick. Add the parmesan
to the soup immediately before serving.

This tasty minestroni soup looks more like a thick stew than a
soup. Let leftovers cool and freeze in appropriate portions.
Heat in microwave for a quick meal. Soup tastes better re-heated
so try to save some for tomorrow.    :)


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