Meatless Chili

Our Mar-98 Recipe of the Month is Meatless Chili. Have this chili mild or fiery, the heat is up to you. Feel free to substitute meat for the tofu.


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      Title: Garvick's Meatless Chili
 Categories: Chili, Tofu, low-fat
      Yield: 10 servings

      2 T  Oil
      5 ea Cloves garlic minced
      1 T  Soy sauce
      1 t  Beef soup flavour
      1 lb Tofu (firm) - finely diced
      1 ea Onion, chopped
      1 ea Green pepper, chopped
      1 ea Red chili peppers, chopped *
      1 ea Large stalk celery
      2 ea 14 oz can kidney beans **
      1 ea 14 oz can tomato sauce
      2 ea Large tomatoes ***
      1 c  Beer
      1 T  Chili powder
      1 x  Salt and pepper

    * 2 for hotter chili.
   ** With juice.
  *** Peeled and chopped.

In the large chili pot add beans, tomato sauce and peeled chopped
tomatoes.  Heat chili mixture on medium-high until hot stirring
occasionally to prevent sticking. Reduce heat to low. Add beer to
chili. Cover chili pot and simmer.

In a Wok or large frying pan heat oil and brown garlic. Stir in beef
soup flavour and soy sauce. Add onions, peppers, and tofu. Fry at
Medium-high heat till onions become translucent. Add the celery and
(other stir fry vegetables quot;optionalquot;). Continue cooking
until the vegetables are hot but still crunchy.

Add stir-fried vegetables to the simmering chili pot. Stir in chili
spices to taste: either mild to really HOT! Cover chili pot and let
chili simmer for 3 to 4 hours.

Have your chili mild or fiery, the heat is up to you. If you don't
want a vegetarian chili, feel free to substitute meat for the tofu!


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