Chunky Split Pea Soup

Our September-99 Recipe of the Month is Chunky Split Pea Soup.
This delicious soup is so smooth and creamy. Let cool and refrigerate or freeze in appropriate portions. This soup is great for a quick meal, just put a serving portion in the microwave and heat.


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      Title: Garvick's Chunky Split Pea Soup
 Categories: Soups, Beans, Tested
      Yield: 1 servings
     10 c  Water
      2 c  Split peas
      2 ea Celery stalks, chopped fine
      2 ea Carrot, chopped fine
      2 ea Medium Onion, chopped fine
      3 ea Potatoes *
      4 ea Wieners **
      2 tb Bacon Bits
      1 x  Salt and Pepper
  * Diced different sizes.
 ** Diced to preference.
Wash 1 1/2 cup peas well with cold water and drain.
Add 7 cups water and the 1 1/2 cup of washed peas to large saucepan
and bring to boil.
Reduce heat to simmer and add the rest of the ingredients except
for the spices.
Wash last 1/2 cup of peas in cold water and drain.
In a separate saucepan add the 1/2 cup washed peas and 3 cups water.
Bring to boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
Pour into blender and puree till liquid.
Add the liquid to the large saucepan with the other ingredients.
Simmer for 3 to 4 hours. Add spices to taste.
Let cool and refrigerate or freeze in appropriate portions.  This
soup is great for a quick meal. Just put a serving portion in the
microwave and heat.

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