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Vancouver, BC

Make Reservations for Hotels and other accommodations in Vancouver area. Includes: Whistler, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and New Westminster.


Hotels & Motels in and around Vancouver, BC



  • Burnaby Accommodations - Part of the Greater Vancouver area located East of Vancouver. Boundary Road represents the only visible borderline between Burnaby and Vancouver.


  • Richmond Accommodations - part of the Greater Vancouver area located South of Vancouver and separated by the northern arm of the Fraser River.


  • North and West Vancouver Accommodations - North of Vancouver, separated by Burrard Inlet, and connected by 2 Bridges, the Lion's Gate bridge at one end (Stanley Park) and the Iron Worker's Memorial Bridge (the 2nd Narrows) at the other end (Cassiar Street).




Canada's Apartment Rental Guide featuring highrise apartments, walkup apartments, townhouses, Student Accommodation Bulletin Board and more!

The Roomies Accommodations Service
Vancouver's only full service housing source.


Real Estate

MLS® RealtyLink
Real Estate listings for the Greater Vancouver area. This link also lets you get information from almost anywhere in Canada as well.

Real Estate Weekly
Weekly real estate newspaper for Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley


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